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Intensive Painting Workshops with Asa Farnham

For workshop information and to register, go to  CLASSES . 

For workshop information and to register, go to CLASSES

Asa was born in rural Mayville, NY.  Attended SUNY Purchase and Nazareth College graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Studio Art.  Studied atelier methods independently with Scott Waddell.  

Asa is giving a series of workshops on Tuesday, July 19 and Wednesday July 20. Go to CLASSES to view options.

In his words:
My vision as an artist is to encourage the audience and other artists to appreciate the unique and remarkable power of human perception, thought, and ability.  Through the endless inspiration nature and culture provide there exist many paths to the creative endeavor.  As a classical oil painter I have found that the requisite discipline, self-criticism, and appetite for wonder allow me to navigate that landscape to thoroughly fulfilling destinations.  It’s my goal to share the tools and concepts of this genre so others can confidently enjoy their own explorations.

What he brings: Workshops
The first, to be held on the 19th of July, two- four hour drawing workshops utilizing pencil or charcoal.  The goal of this workshop would be to explore drawing as a frame for building form.  This would entail learning how to create an accurate contour drawing and the elements that inform this process.  It would culminate in “sculpting” the form as if it were in three dimensional space.  The subject matter being either still life or figure.  

The second, held on the 20th of July, two- four hour painting workshops, preferably utilizing oil paint, but acrylic would be fine.  The focus of this workshop would be color and how it is perceived on form in relation to light.  In addition we’ll explore how to navigate color space using its three dimensions - hue, value and chroma, and how this translates to the palette.  The subject matter would be either still life or figure.  

The third, held on the 22nd in the evening, would be a draw-a-thon, a fun draw with informal chit-chat about art utilizing liquid libations as a social lubricant.

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