As an organization, we encourage arts education, performance and embrace all artistic forms. Our major objective is to act as a community coordinator by sponsoring instructional programs, exhibits and performances. Our aim is to build a cohesive, creative community. In doing so, we will provide space and support services for those desiring creative instruction and entertainment. We promote the arts as an income producing opportunity for local residents by encouraging entrepreneurial activities such as freelance instruction and the retail sales through a gallery scenario.

Our long term secondary objective is to be an environmentally friendly community organization. Our future facility will be a sanctuary to nature. Its design will be environmentally self sustaining and ecologically friendly. Programs include gardening as an art form. The creation of the Arts Center will also be an example of how a community based organization can be self sufficient by producing income for its continuation and using cutting edge technology to operate its physical plant.

We believe a strong arts presence brings cultural and economic growth to our community. Our programs include music, drawing, dance, theater and nature studies. Our students come from Southern Albemarle, Western Fluvanna, Northern Buckingham and the Town of Scottsville.